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The project is funded by the Medical Research Agency, Poland, project number 2020/ABM/03/00018.
The value of the subsidy is 10,089,049.15 PLN.

The project involves the establishment of the Clinical Research Support Center at the National Institute of Cardiology, operating under a shared services model, providing support for commercial and non-commercial clinical trials.

Clinical trials involving humans are a key area for the development of medicine. Due to an aging society, we observe an increased demand for medical services and a need for optimization and effectiveness of treatment, as well as the introduction of new technologies and new standards of procedure. The development of clinical trials brings numerous benefits to patients, doctors, and the healthcare system.

Thanks to access to trials, patients can undertake modern therapies and receive a high standard of healthcare. Doctors conducting research acquire essential knowledge, scientific experience, and expand their professional networks.

For the healthcare system, clinical trials introduce new therapeutic possibilities and optimize costs and logistics. To utilize the potential of Polish scientists and organize a structure providing comprehensive and systemic support for commercial and non-commercial clinical trials, the Clinical Research Support Center of the National Institute of Cardiology Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński – State Research Institute has been established.

The aim of the project is to create a specialized organizational structure operating under a shared services model, which, thanks to a new approach to conducting clinical trials, will help eliminate existing barriers in our system.

An effectively operating unit will be established to coordinate administrative and logistical processes related to the conducted clinical trials. By developing Standard Operating Procedures, redefining the processes of conducting clinical trials, the negotiation of cooperation agreements with commercial sponsors and the organization of non-commercial clinical trials in the center will be shortened.

For sponsors, a single contact point will be designated, providing answers to feasibility studies. By increasing the number of clinical trials conducted, access to new therapies for more clinical trial participants will be expanded.

Thanks to cooperation with Primary Healthcare facilities, we will increase patients’ awareness of clinical trials and streamline the recruitment process. Through established contacts with family doctors, we will have the opportunity to reach people whose diagnostic and therapeutic needs are identical to the studied therapy with new therapy.

The subsidy granted by the Medical Research Agency will be implemented in the years 2020-2026 and amounts to a total of 10,089,049.15 PLN. After the completion of the project implementation period, the Clinical Research Support Center of the National Institute of Cardiology will be a self-financing unit from the funds from the conducted clinical trials