Commercial Clinical Trials

IKARD - a leading center in the implementation of cardiological and cardiothoracic clinical trials

The Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński National Institute of Cardiology – State Research Institute is one of the leading centers in the country in the implementation of cardiological and cardiothoracic clinical trials. The Institute has medical facilities and highly specialized medical staff with experience in conducting clinical trials of medicinal products and medical devices.

Between 2001-2018, around 300 clinical trials were registered at the National Institute of Cardiology. The Clinical Trials Department coordinates the trials at the center. To commence a clinical trial at the National Institute of Cardiology, a tripartite agreement must be concluded between the National Institute of Cardiology, the Sponsor (or its representative), and the Principal Investigator.

The Institute allows for the negotiation of contract terms based on the model provided by the Sponsor. The agreement is concluded in Polish or in a bilingual version. In case of disputes in the bilingual version, the Polish version prevails. To initiate discussions regarding the implementation of a clinical trial, the Sponsor sends the following study documents to the Clinical Trials Department:

Additionally, to sign the agreement by the Institute’s Management, the Sponsor is obliged to provide:

In connection with conducting the negotiation process for the conditions of conducting a clinical trial, the Institute charges Sponsors a one-time administrative fee payable upon signing the agreement for the implementation of the clinical trial.