Patient in Clinical Trials

Educational Series "Patient in Trials"

Considering the importance of communication with patients and continually raising awareness about clinical trials in society, the Medical Research Agency has produced a film promoting the “Patient in Clinical Trials” service. The main audience for this spot are current or future patients – potential participants in clinical trials, and healthcare workers who have direct contact with them. Its creation was possible thanks to fruitful cooperation with experienced service partners who understand the needs of the most important beneficiaries of the healthcare system and continuously share their skills and current insights. The format of the material enables effective reach to the target group, and its planned dissemination in social media and publications during seminars and conferences will ensure appropriate reach.

The promotion of the service stems from the need to spread knowledge about clinical trials among patients and their families. The service itself is an educational project aimed at providing verified, reliable information in a user-friendly manner and debunking common myths about clinical trials. Users or visitors to the “Patient in Clinical Trials” profile on Facebook can learn about the most important patient-related data on conducting trials, their specifics, benefits from participating in trials, and technological-medical trivia.

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Patient in Trials

Where do medicines come from?

Why are patient studies important?

How to participate in clinical trials?

Where can I find necessary information?

What are clinical trials and why are they conducted?

What should every patient know before deciding to participate in clinical trials?

What are the potential benefits of taking the tested drug compared to the therapy used so far?

How is the safety of patients ensured?

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Patient Stories

How did they learn about the clinical trial?

Why did they decide to participate in the clinical trial?

What were their concerns before deciding to participate in the trials?

What are the patient’s obligations?

Can you withdraw from participating in the trials after signing the Agreement?

Feelings, recommendations, patient experiences

What did participating in clinical trials give to the patients?

Would they recommend participating in clinical trials to their loved ones?

Why do they think it is worth sharing experiences related to clinical trials?

What would they say to people who are considering participating in clinical trials?

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Researchers on participating in clinical trials

What does preparation for a clinical trial look like?

What happens in the case of interrupting the trial?

What does contact with the researcher look like?

Why is it worth participating in a clinical trial?