Polish Clinical Reasearch Infrastructure Network

POLCRIN (Polish Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) is a national network of centers conducting clinical trials of medicinal products and medical devices, and is part of the pan-European network ECRIN – European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network. Poland, as POLCRIN, officially joined the ECRIN network on August 23, 2019, with observer status. The Medical Research Agency represents our country in ECRIN.

Currently, twelve countries belong to the ECRIN network: nine of them have member status (Czech Republic, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal), and the remaining three have observer status (Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland). Thus, the ECRIN network covers an area inhabited by about 350 million European citizens.

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POLCRIN Structure

On February 6, Dr. Radosław Sierpiński, acting President of the Medical Research Agency, appointed the National Representative and his deputies within the POLCRIN unit.

Prof. Łukasz Szumowski was appointed as the National Representative of the POLCRIN network.

His deputies are:

Prof. Marcin Moniuszko (Vice-Rector for Science and Development at the Medical University of Białystok)
Prof. Jan Maciej Zaucha (Head of the Department and Clinic of Hematology and Transplantology at the Medical University of Gdańsk)

The National Coordinator for Pediatric Research is Dr. Marek Migdał (Director of the “Pomnik – Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka” Institute in Warsaw).

For guidelines on including a center in the POLCRIN Network, contact the European Correspondent.

More information can be found on the POLCRIN website: www.polcrin.abm.gov.pl