Role of ECRIN

ECRIN Support – preparation of applications for funding from European Union funds

ECRIN – a network supporting international clinical trials in Europe.

ECRIN (EUROPEAN CLINICAL RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK) is an intergovernmental, international non-profit organization that supports clinical trials in Europe. Multi-country studies allow for increased access to patients, resources, and specialized knowledge, potentially having a more substantial and much larger impact on public health.

Focusing on academic research conducted by researchers, ECRIN provides various services and tools necessary for conducting projects, such as:

Role of ECRIN

Advice and Information for Researchers and Sponsors

ECRIN can assist Researchers and Sponsors from member countries and observer status countries in preparing EU funding applications, regardless of their experience level with such applications.

The extent of ECRIN’s involvement in preparing the application will depend on its role. If needed, ECRIN can also provide information about the types of available European funds and ways to submit applications (strategy, deadlines, etc.). When a Researcher or Sponsor chooses how they want to finance their project, they can turn to ECRIN for information and advice regarding: